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Pamela Danziger, Forbes: Amazon Is A Marvel Of Digital Capitalism And That Is The Problem (March 1, 2021)

“Chapter 8 alone, “How Amazon Makes Its Money (And Loses Some Too),” makes it [Behemoth] must reading. In it, he [Gaster] breaks down Amazon’s “money trail” from its SEC reporting, which he claims “obfuscates and misdirects.” 

Don Davis, Digital Commerce 360: An argument for a new kind of regulation of Amazon and other tech giants (January 21,2021)

“At the heart of his argument is the idea that these tech companies have grown powerful by collecting data on a scale that would have been impossible before the rise of the internet and digital technology. ‘And if control of data helps drive the creation of digital monopolies,’ he writes, “then maybe the release of data can be used to limit their power.”

Karl Woolfenden, Business Class News: Book Review Podcast Behemoth – Amazon Rising (March 24, 2021) Extended conversation between Karl Woolfenden and Robin Gaster.


What people are saying

 Gaster’s dissection of Amazon’s rise and domination is full of surprises and strategic insights.  Anyone in business needs to understand how Amazon pivoted from survival tactics to competitive advantage to monopolistic power within two decades. Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea and Chair of Beyond Meat

Behemoth is a must-read. Each chapter fills your bucket with meaningful takeaways and insights to help you and your team think in new and inventive ways about business, the customer, and society. Gaster simplifies the essence of innovation and execution, giving the reader the wonderful feeling of excitement to invent and build the next big idea. Neil Ackerman, Head of Advanced Technologies, Middle East and Africa, Johnson and Johnson

BEHEMOTH, AMAZON RISING provides incredible insights into the secrets of Amazon’s success, the threat it poses to every industry it touches, and the risks to Amazon itself. Vivek Wadwha, Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law School, Labor and Worklife

Amazon is an enigma and Dr. Robin Gaster does an extraordinary job of shining light on what has made it so successful. Well researched from a wide range of secondary sources given Amazon’s proclivity for opacity, Gaster spreads the thousands of puzzle pieces on the table and then methodically puts them together. And while not all pieces fit perfectly, given Amazon’s secrecy and lack of public disclosure, it’s a remarkable feat. No doubt some of Gaster’s conclusions may be slightly off the mark, but directionally I suspect he’s revealed and exposed much more than Amazon would like. This is a no holds barred account of what makes Amazon tick – the good, bad and the ugly. Whether you are an Amazon fan or hater, the results the company has achieved and continues to achieve are truly remarkable. Behemoth, Amazon Rising is a must read for anyone interested in learning how one of the most transformational and controversial businesses of our times operates, thinks and acts. Mark Ryski, CEO & Founder of HeadCount Corporation

No doubt we are entering the age of Amazon. It’s Amazon’s 21st century version of manifest Destiny, and Gaster digs deep to show how we are all willingly along for the ride. Amy Millman, President, Springboard Enterprises

A must read analysis that outlines how Amazon’s innovations, such as Prime, have led to its dominance and why that will likely not only continue but expand as e-commerce accelerates. It is a thoughtful, carefully researched analysis of an amazing and sometimes threatening American behemoth. Charles Wessner, Georgetown University

This riveting book explains clears how the new corporate giants emerged, the damage they can wreak through their damage, but also a clear road map about how they can be harnessed to serve the needs of society, rather than vice versa. Behemoth It is a must-read on the most compelling challenges confronting society and how to deal with them. David Audretch, Distinguished professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University

Behemoth: Amazon Rising provides a thoughtful and highly effective case study in brand creation, design and execution. An entire global culture has been reprogrammed through Prime affinity membership, comparison price shopping, and predictive shopping based no machine learning. Lou Pugliese, former CEO Moodlerooms

Fucking brilliant! Nailed it. Mike Shatzkin Founder & CEO of The Idea Logical Company

Behemoth is the story of the e-commerce giant’s growth and dominance. It is an intriguing take on what’s driven Amazon to becoming one of the most successful and talked-about companies ever! Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner, Last Mile Experts North America

Amazon is central to the 21st century economy.  Robin Gaster’s fascinating and comprehensive examination substantially advances our understanding. John Zysman, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, U.C. Berkeley

Robin Gaster has his finger on the pulse of what was, is, and will continue to be one of the most disruptive corporations since Standard Oil.  This book is mandatory reading for anyone who cares about capitalism’s future. Mark Walsh, former Head of Innovation and Investment, U.S. Small Business Administration