Dr Robin Gaster

Dr. Robin Gaster

Dr. Gaster has extensive project management experience. Major projects include:

National Research Council (NRC) assessment of SBIR/STTR programs, lead researcher. Responsible for quantitative and qualitative research, drafts of all reports, and draft of underling methodology. NRC has published 10 volumes and is currently contracted to provide 6 more volumes by end-2015.

CORES project. Project manager for the CORES project, which uses administrative data provided by Census to analyze outcomes from innovation programs such as SBIR. CORES is a joint project with with George Washington University Institute of Public Policy; the GWIPP team is led by Dr. Andrew Reamer.

National Research Council, assessment of Manufacturing Extension Partnership, lead researcher. Responsible for research and draft report on US based activities.

The Regional Innovation Index, a project funded and supported by NIST to provide a new interface and database of comparing the innovation capacity of US regions. Developed a new software platform and integrated more than 200 data sets into a multi level interface.

Bridging the Atlantic forums, a Washington colloquium addressing transatlantic trade and technology issues, developed in conjunction with the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy. Dr. Gaster developed and managed all forums, and arranged for funding.

LocalNet founder, a project funded by angel investors to develop a comprehensive Web-based platform for providing local services, information, and opportunities. Operated in partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute.

Convergence, a $2m partnership with Deloitte and Touche to create an electronic publication covering all aspects of telecommunications and the Internet. Project successfully developed on proprietary software platform, and sold for two years. Eventually overtaken by the Web.  NAR was responsible for all content and platform development.

Other. Manager research projects for public and private clients including the European Commission, governments of Finland, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia, Philips, Olivetti, Bull S.A., Mitsubishi Research, Dataquest, Deloitte and Touche, the Economist Intelligence Unit, the National Academy of Science, Houghton Mifflin, U.S. Congress.