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Dr. Robin Gaster

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Press release for Behemoth, Amazon Rising

Professional reviews

Pamela Danziger, Forbes: Amazon Is A Marvel Of Digital Capitalism And That Is The Problem (March 1, 2021)

“Chapter 8 alone, “How Amazon Makes Its Money (And Loses Some Too),” makes it [Behemoth] must reading. In it, he [Gaster] breaks down Amazon’s “money trail” from its SEC reporting, which he claims “obfuscates and misdirects.”

Don Davis, Digital Commerce 360: An argument for a new kind of regulation of Amazon and other tech giants (January 21,2021)

“At the heart of his argument is the idea that these tech companies have grown powerful by collecting data on a scale that would have been impossible before the rise of the internet and digital technology. ‘And if control of data helps drive the creation of digital monopolies,’ he writes, “then maybe the release of data can be used to limit their power.”



A Case Study at Beating Amazon at the Platform Game: Building a Successful Commercial Platform

Robin Gaster, CEO World, February 2, 2021


Take 5: Amazon’s Growth Tests Us in Profound Ways

Joe Vanden Plas, In Business, January 26, 2021


Amazon and Groceries – Why They Don’t Have the Advantage

Robin Gaster, CEOWorld, January 11, 2021


Exclusive Q&A: Can anything slow the behemoth down?

Adam Blair, Retail Touch Points, December, 11 2010


EU Competition Complaints against Amazon: No Big Deal?

Robin Gaster, CEO World, November 21, 2020


The UK and UK: When Culture Trumps Self-Interest

Robin Gaster and Stephan Richter, The Globalist, December 18 2019


Economism vs. Culture: Who Wins?

Robin Gaster and Stephan Richter, The Globalist, December 18 ,2019